Whether you are lonely or lost, hungry or hurting, searching for answers, or looking for a church to call home, there is a place for you in Davison, Michigan.



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Sunday school: 9:30am

Morning service: 10:30am

Evening service: 6:00pm


FaithKids (3 years of age - grade 6, September-May): 7:00pm

Teen IMPACT (grades 7 - 12): 7:00pm

Adult service: 7:00pm




7306 E. Atherton Road  Davison, Michigan  48423

+(810) 653-3573


Faith Baptist Church was founded in 1958 by a group of believers meeting in rented property about a mile from our current location.  Also in 1958, this group called a young Bible college student, Tom Knauf, to be the first pastor. Under his leadership, the church grew in attendance to approximately thirty.  By 1973 this core group had grown to two hundred and the second phase at the current location was completed.  Convinced of the value of Christian education, the church, now comprised of four hundred people, voted to establish Faith Baptist Schools.  The present school building was dedicated in 1978.  Now, after over fifty years of ministry in Davison and surrounding communities, Dr. John Lewis faithfully served as Faith’s ninth pastor until his retirement in 2014.  Under his leadership the present 800-seat auditorium, classrooms, nurseries, and office complex were dedicated in 2001.  God in His grace has richly met the financial needs of this ministry during uncertain economic times in the Flint area.  The lovely facility He has provided is currently debt free!


That’s our history, but what about our identity?

Our name is a significant indicator of who we are. God’s Word teaches that Faith is essential to life.  In fact, Hebrews says that “without faith it is impossible to please Him.”  No one can come to know God the Father without faith in His Son’s death and resurrection to provide forgiveness of sin.  No one can live life in a manner that pleases Him without a faith in His Word that demands active obedience to its precepts.  We’re not perfect here, but our collective goal is to live lives of faith.

We are also Baptist by heritage and by belief.  What does that mean?  First of all, that means that the Bible is our only rule for faith and practice.  In His Word, God completed His revelation to mankind, and that revelation is sufficient for all of our needs right now in the twenty-first century.  Because His Word is our authority, our membership is limited to those who have trusted Jesus Christ as Savior in keeping with Scripture.  Our membership is also for those who have been baptized by immersion as a picture of their union with Christ.  In fact, believer’s baptism and the Lord’s Supper are the two ordinances that we find in Scripture, and both serve as outward indication of an inward reality, not as a means of gaining favor with God.  As Baptists, we’re also free to make church-related decisions without the control of an outside religious body.  Once again, Scripture serves as our authority.  We also hold to the biblical teaching that every believer has direct access to the Father without need for a mediator of any kind.  As you can see, this heritage provides us with great freedom and with great responsibility.

We are a Church because God instituted the church as His means to accomplish His continued work on earth.  For the believers in Acts 2, involvement in the church radically altered their way of doing life.  They invested in each other through teaching, fellowship, giving, and prayer.  From that framework, they turned the world around them upside down.  Our desire is that as we grow in conformity to the image of Christ, we will be able to see the world around us transformed by the truth of the Gospel.  After all, that’s what church is all about.




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Faith Baptist Church has many opportunities for you and your family to get involved. From ministries for children to ministries for senior saints, FBC has a wide-ranging spectrum of opportunities and events to help you grow to be more like the Savior.  And if you are looking for something to do as a service opportunity, this is a great list for you, too: you can find some way to work in our church and give of yourself to the body of this local church as a whole!

Ministries to evangelize:

Prison Ministry

Every month a team of men hold a Sunday morning service at Michigan State Prison in Jackson, which is located about 90 minutes from the church.

A monthly Saturday morning Bible study is held at the Thumb Correctional Facility in Lapeer, which is located about 20 minutes from the church. This time is used to encourage the inmates in their faith and to reach other inmates with the Gospel.


Wild Game Dinner

A special evangelization event held each winter is our Wild Game Dinner.  Men and women feast on wild game, as well as homemade desserts provided by the families of Faith Baptist Church.  Local taxidermists and hunting organizations display their work and provide information, and many companies in and out of Davison provide door prizes for those who attend.  The culmination of the evening is an evangelistic message, shared by a guest speaker (who is typically a hunter himself).


Ladies' Outreach

The women of Faith Baptist Church have special events planned just for them.  In the past, these events have occurred around the holiday time to offer hostessing tips, decorating ideas, and cooking recipes.  Tea parties and shopping days have also been scheduled to give the ladies an opportunity for fellowship.  Each of the these events provides a chance to invite friends and family members to hear a gospel presentation and to fellowship with the ladies of our church.


Faith Family Fun Fair

The fair is our "CHRISTmas-in-July" gift each summer to hundreds of families in the community. It’s fun and it’s free! Free games. Free petting zoo. Free inflatables. Free food. Free prizes. Free giveaways. Valuable merchant coupons (some for free services). And more! Anyone interested will also hear the gospel.


Bus Ministry

Bus pick up is available in selected areas of Davison, Burton and Flint for children and adults. Sunday routes run year round, and the Wednesday night route for Kids4Truth and Teen Impact runs from September through May. Call the church office for pick-up information.

Ministries to edify:

Sunday School

Faith Baptist Church realizes the importance of Biblical teaching and discipleship; therefore, Sunday School Class and Adult Bible Class are provided for everyone.  Classes meet for an hour before morning worship to study the Bible and to encourage one another in an informal setting.


Children’s Church

After Sunday School, children ages four through sixth grade can remain with their age group during the adult worship service to enjoy their own church time.



FaithKids is a Wednesday night club for children, ages three–sixth grade. Gospel truth is taught in age-appropriate classes. Game time promotes healthy competition and fun.  This program has become popular with kids and parents alike!


Adult Retreats

Retreats for adult men, women, and couples pull us out of the frantic pace required to live in our contemporary culture. Though each retreat is full of fun and fellowship, the primary focus is on gospel truth that has the power to progressively transform our lives and relationships.


Youth Group

Teens in seventh through twelfth grades have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of classes, ministry opportunities, and activities.  The youth group meets together on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings for Sunday school.  Activities and ministry opportunities are offered throughout the week, as well as yearly mission trips and camp weeks.


Ladies' Bible Study

On Tuesday mornings, starting at 9:30, ladies from the church, as well as visitors, meet to study the Bible together.  The time is spent in prayer, study, and fellowship.  For ladies who have children not yet in school, child care is provided.


Masters Men Conference

One Saturday in October is set aside for men of Faith Baptist Church and surrounding-area churches to meet together to sing, fellowship, and hear life-changing preaching.  Break-out sessions deal with a variety of topics to help men tackle the difficulties of daily life in a Biblical, God-honoring way.

Ministries to encourage and serve:

Men’s Prayer Breakfast

Once a month, the men of the church, regardless of their ages, meet for a time of praise and prayer, as well as an opportunity to fellowship over breakfast. The goal of this time to turn our men’s attention to the goodness and power of God.


Widows’ Luncheon

On the third Wednesday of the month, our widows meet for lunch and fellowship at a local restaurant. Church members as well as friends are welcomed.


New Beginnings

On the fourth Thursday of each month, ladies from church who have experienced divorce in their own lives meet together for supper to edify and encourage one another.


Pre-School Playtime

Young moms enjoy time out of the house with other moms while the kids play together.  From November to May, Playtime is held on the first Thursday of every month at one of the mom’s homes; from June to mid-October, Playtime is held weekly at a local park.


Young at Heart

Our adult seniors also enjoy a time of fellowship and food every month.  Those fifty-five to one hundred five are invited to join the Young at Heart for all of its fun activities, such as meeting for lunch or taking day trips.


Shut-In Visitation

Life can become lonely when God slows down a person’s mobility. Once or twice a month, a friendly, caring team from the church family visits those who cannot leave their residences. The team’s purpose and passion is to be a personal and spiritual encouragement to these folks.


Nursing Home Ministry

Like those in a shut-in situation, many who live in nursing home are not able to attend a church service or church activity.  Many in the church visit people in nursing homes either weekly or twice a month.  During the holiday time, special music groups sing and play Christmas carols and hymns.  The goal is to remind these dear people that God loves them and to give those in each ministry group and opportunity to share the Gospel.

Our church holds a weekly service on Sunday mornings for residents at a local facility called The Oaks, which is located in Grand Blanc.  Every week, a team of people including children and adults alike participate in this vibrant ministry, which includes singing, fellowship, and preaching.



Pleasant, clean, well lit nurseries are available during all regularly scheduled services. Nurseries are staffed with competent and compassionate female workers. Security cameras help insure the safety of our children.


What should you expect when you visit Faith Baptist Church? Here is some information about our church services that can help you

to feel more comfortable about your visit...

Where do I park?

There is a large parking lot located in front of the main auditorium.  Please feel free to park anywhere in that lot.


Where do I go after I have parked?

Whether you come for a Sunday school, a Sunday service, or our Wednesday service, please enter through the doors below the large arched window.  There are several friendly people there who can help you find out where to go next.


What are the services like?

Our services are intentionally modeled on the practices of the church in the New Testament.

There is a lot of energetic singing of songs and hymns in the traditional, conservative style.  For example, we enjoy singing songs like Amazing Grace, Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners, I Run to Christ, and Great is Thy Faithfulness because they exalt our Savior and teach us many wonderful things about our Lord Jesus Christ.

We typically take an offering because the Bible teaches that giving to the Lord is one of the ways that we can honor and obey Him.  Our offerings, however, are strictly voluntary and confidential for our members and regular attendees; when you visit, please don't feel obligated to put money in the offering!

We enjoy praying together. Prayer is our opportunity to talk with God, and we take time in every service to ask for God's blessing and direction on our church and in our service.

We always take a moment in the service to greet our guests.  Please don't be embarrassed or offended by this; it is our way of showing you that you are important to us, just as you might treat a visitor to your home with respect!

The central part of our service is Bible-based preaching.  In our services, we hear from God's Word because that is the way God communicates with us.  The preaching at our church is not based on the opinions or personal preferences of our pastor, but solely on the Bible; in fact, our pastor often says that if the message is NOT based on the Bible, we have no obligation to listen to it!  All of our messages are understandable and practical, and we are confident that you will hear something each service that will help you to develop your relationship with God.

Our services always end with an invitation, which is our opportunity to respond to the preaching of God's Word.  Typically, we sing a hymn while people in the congregation are given the opportunity to come to the front of the auditorium to pray quietly about something God has shown them in the service, or to ask for guidance from a member of the staff.  When you visit, there is no pressure to go forward in the invitation!


How long do services last?

Our services typically last about 70 minutes.


What about my children?

For infants and toddlers, we have well-lit, pleasant, safe nurseries that are staffed by competent, compassionate ladies.  Nurseries are locked during the services and monitored by both security cameras and safety patrols.

For school aged children up through sixth grade, we have age-appropriate classes during both the Sunday school and morning service times.  In the evening services, children are encouraged to sit with their families in the regular services.

For teens, there is a teen group that meets on Sunday morning for Sunday school, and then on Wednesday nights for a program of  games and Bible study.


How would you describe the people of Faith?

Our people are friendly people.  You will see that our people love to talk with one another, to encourage one another, to laugh together, and to simply be around each other!  When you visit, we are confident that you will feel welcome and comfortable with our people.  After all, we are just like you: the Bible says that all people are essentially the same.  For example, Romans 3:23 says, "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God."  According to God, we are all sinners, whether we attend church or not.  The difference in our lives is that we have trusted in Jesus Christ's finished sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sins; and we want you to have the same peace that we have as a result of Christ's work.  Won't you visit us and see the difference Christ has made to us?



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